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$ whoami
$ locate trevor
/UAE/Abu Dhabi
$ finger trevor
Login: doches					Name: Trevor Fountain
Directory: /palantir/mideast			Shell: /lusr/bin/bash
On since Wed. Jan 22 1986 11:31 (CST) on tty1	12 semesters idle
No Mail.
No Plan.
$ man 6 trevor
TREVOR(6)                                                   TREVOR(6)
	trevor - technologist, tinkerer, photographer, vinter.
	trevor [-hl] [ -r research ] [ -c code ]

	trevor is a forward-deployed engineer at Palantir Technologies.
        He obtained his PhD in Informatics in 2012 from The University of
	Edinburgh, and did his undergraduate work at The University of
	Texas at Austin, where he was a CS/Turing Scholars major. 
	He's a little busy at the moment, with his focus split 
	between work, side projects, and doing constant currency
	conversions in the back of his head.
	-r	research
		 Specify either my PhD research on 
		 categorisation or my undergraduate work on building
		 feature extraction for semantic role labelling.
	-p	projects
		 Browse a backlog of hare-brained schemes and 
		 meagrely documented codebases. Or skip straight to 
                 the code.
	-h	 Display this help text, along with additional
		 contact information.

	-l	 View a change log for trevor, in the form of a 
		 list of archived posts.
	This man page is self-hosting.

        The original version was released in January 1986, as a joint project 
        between Michael Fountain and Marsha Fountain. An updated version was 
        released by The University of Texas at Austin in 2008; this release was
        quickly replaced by a research-grade version released by The University of
        Edinburgh in 2012.

        From December 2013 support has been provided by Palantir Technologies.
	Report bugs to <[my first name]@[this domain]>.
	Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States
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