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In my non-copious free time I develop and maintain several iOS apps. I'm also fascinated by the post-release evolution of Swift, Apple's modern language for iOS development, and occasionally write about the language over at Swiftalicio.us.

This site, Texas Expat, is my most longest-lived web construction. It's driven by Movable Type, but uses entirely hand-written templates and stylesheets to generate valid HTML5. The design is my own as well, though it owes a heavy debt to John Gruber's Daring Fireball, which I greatly admire. If you're interested, (much) more information is available at the colophon.

From 2006-2007 I worked part-time as a web developer/webmaster for the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at The University of Texas at Austin. Starting from scratch, I developed a custom CMS tailored to the Lab's specific needs. In addition to the content pages, I developed a stats tracker, a portable data-fetching library, a URL shortener, and a powerful administration interface.

During my undergraduate years I worked for Sun Microsystems, developing and maintaining a (proprietary) fork of the open-source Inventory Resource Manager used by their Austin branch. As part of this project I revamped the design, fixed a tremendous number of outstanding bugs, and added a number of features which greatly increased the tool's use by various teams.

I've spent considerable time constructing websites for academics; in addition to my own and the UT AI Lab's, I built and maintain a site for the ProbModels reading group and an information page for Dr. Michael Fountain (disclaimer: my father) as well as a practice tool used by Dendrology students to study scientific names.

I also designed and developed (but no longer maintain) the website & online catalog for Old Hat Books, a volunteer library in Edinburgh.