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I've been pretty quiet for the last few months, but today I can finally announce the reason why: by way of explanation, let me introduce Quail, the world's best store management software for antique stores, vendor malls, and consignment shops. I've worked before with the lovely folks at Decades, and when their existing point-of-sale software finally hit the breaking point we realized that we could certainly put together something a little better. We couldn't have been more wrong; it turns out that we could put together something amazingly better. creative_1.png if you're a antique store or vendor mall owner, check out QuailHQ.com. Whatever point-of-sale and store management program you're currently using, I can guarantee that Quail will be light-years ahead. From it's easy-to-use sale screen that will speed up your clerks to its detailed, automatically-generated rent, vendor, and store reports to its dedicated vendor portal (no more constant daily printouts for over-zealous vendors!), Quail will take care of the drudge work and let you focus on running your store.
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