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July 2015

The App Classifieds

I’ve taken a break from app development to launch something a little different: a classified listings site for mobile, desktop, and web apps:

The App Classifieds Logomark

If you’re a hobbyist iOS developer with a few spare apps sitting in iTunes Connect (like me), then The App Classifieds can help you turn those apps into something useful by connecting you with like-minded app buyers. There are plenty of markets for apps, sure, but most of them are either borderline scammy, auction-only, or too expensive to make sense for smaller apps. The App Classifieds is a place to list apps that you’d be willing to sell but aren’t necessarily looking to auction right now — and listing an app is totally free. Promoted listings are also available, if you want to maximise the number of potential buyers who see your app — use the code SWIFTALICIOUS (a reference to my iOS developer blog) to get promoted listings for just $1.25/month (50% off of $5/month).

I wrote a little more about why we need a better way market for apps over at The App Classifieds blog; check it out for a better introduction. And if you’ve never sold an app or taken over someone else’s, I’d give it a shot. You’ll be surprised!