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CogSci 2010

I just got back from CogSci 2010, to which I had successfully submitted a paper, “Meaning Representation in Natural Language Categorization.” Unfortunately, I wasn’t invited to present it as a talk — but on the upside, I was invited to present it as a poster. As a consequence, I may now write the following sentence, of which I am more proud than practically anything I have done in my life to date:

Fountain, T. & Lapata, M. (2010). Meaning Representation in Natural Language Categories. In S. Ohlsson & R. Catrambone (Eds.), Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society.


The work I presented deals with whether corpus co-occurrence can be used as a stand-in for norming data, at least in the context of a categorization task; as part of that work I collected a rather large amount of data that I am now making publicly available. The dataset extends the McRae et al feature norms by grouping the words in forty-one categories, and includes norming data, integrated into the standard McRae features, for each of the newly-added category labels.

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