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March 2010

Levelheaded for iPhone

For over a year now I’ve been wanting to start writing games for the iPhone and iPod Touch — in mid-February I was finally seized by the bug and sat down to figure it all out. The learning curve was pretty huge, frankly — I remember realizing one evening that I was writing code in a language I didn’t know (Objective C) using an IDE I’d never used before (XCode) to work with an API I’d previously avoided like the plague (OpenGL).

Fun stuff.

On the upside, running your own code on the iPhone is really cool — I haven’t felt this much like I was “hacking” (in the classical sense of the term) in a long time. The upshot of it all is that I’ve just released my first game, Levelheaded, for the iPhone. It’s a port of my old Global Game Jam project from last year, Jarhead, updated for the iPhone’s touch input and limited screen real estate. Now, onward with the marketing!