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Ludum Dare #15

Just in time, it’s Ludum Dare #15 — yet another weekend-long extravaganza featuring little food, less sleep, and a whole lot of rapid game dev. For once I’ve actually assembled something beforehand: a motley collection of initialization scripts, configuration files, and subsystems I jokingly call an engine. It’s available for review over at GitHub, if you’re into that sort of thing or if you’re coming from Ludum Dare itself and want to keep me honest.

This ought to be a good compo, and for a slew of reasons. The last compo, back in may, netted over a hundred submissions — breaking records we didn’t even know we were keeping. As for me, I’ve been all fired-up about this sort of indie development lately, partly thanks to mvromer’s influence, and partly due to attending the splendiferous Edinburgh Interactive Festival. Hopefully I’ll get enough work done during the week, meet all my goals and whatnot, that I can participate without inducing too much research-guilt. I guess we’ll see.

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